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Prophecies for 2017

Prophecies for 2017. The two witnesses. because it is necessary to call two prophets of God for the witness?
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                                                  SO SAYS THE LORD TO ALL LAND 
Revelation: End Times! Soon Christ God will speak this earth? Apart from 2017, shall be great tribulation on Earth are days never was! The moment Benedict XVI, be broken of their duties! There will be no more Pope and will stand the image of John Paul II for all to be Submitted, Worship, Who Do not Follow! This Scheme and Other No Access Commerce. The man of sin will act! THIS TIME! He will take refuge in Jerusalem to place that spiritually is called Sodom because He has no desire women, and Egypt ... Place of refuge! This is a spiritual revelation! It belongs not to the denominational system Puffy!) The Two Witnesses of Apocalypse Will Call Upon the Santa Pests That the man of sin begin to act, All! Denominational system will enter the Great Tribulation is a period of 1260 days! In this there will be great drought in the land, much of the water will be turned into blood is the blood, which, today, and in the past was spilled! Are worthy! After you kill the Two Testemanhas In Jerusalem! three days and half dead in the town square Santa, Here Compretou Time! Gentile 1260 days or 42 months! If those days had been shortened to save anyone Porcausa Of More choices these days were marked when these two prophets will Resurrect major earthquake in Jerusalem, and after this there Darkness Around the World, by a great period, and in the darkness A Great Aparecerar light, Avinda the Son of Man, one God and Savior Jesus Christ Liberator He will look for His people. and the man of sin Ante Christ is barred. GOD will do nothing Without Prior to reveal its secrets to His servants the prophets. It is not lawful Place Date of the coming of Christ God, All Rest assured that Jesus will come when the man of sin manifest.) I also want them Lenbra May; 
So Who Will not Participate in these tests, and the 144 000, 12 Ttribos The Children of Israel! Were elected by: GOD, Special Guest, first fruits to God, not defiled their faith with doctrine, however! Tagged To Celebrate: The Marriage of the Lamb. Brothers not to be trusted! In a study of Man, Look at the writings, Sacred. 
My name is José Vicente da Silva. 17 / 2 / 2011. 02:24.

first half 3 years and 6 months
When Benedict XVI deliver your luggage entirely, to the Vatican, will be starting a worldwide organization
of deception, initiated the first half of the 7 years during this peri udo, rapture happens first the 12 tribes of the children of Israel. and who listen Apocalypse 3: 10 had not gone through the great tribulation, and in the second rapture, when the two witnesses of Revelation, Ressuscitares. Complete the times of the Gentiles.
when the sun totally lose their luis at one peri-udo, long considered, will be the rapture of the saints, that is, the Church! back in the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, ONE GOD
all who believe in the dogma of the trinity santis up, entered by the grid-TRIBULATION want this dogma: it is against Christ. And now appeared the man of lawlessness in the casião Own
We, all of us, by this name, Jesus Christ. no matter the with-threads mexemo you die, he will raise you from the dead, He is above all and all, Jesus Christ is GOD WITH U.S. AMEM. last published on 16/02/2013, in Google.

The testimony, two witnesses Revelation 11, are things that the religious system can not UNDERSTAND. The faith of many that forum fooled by the dogma of Trinity santis up, put created: Pope of Rome, that give trina, DIS GOD WHAT ARE THREE PERSON OF TRINITY SANTIS CIMA comes over time, in order to substitute for CHRIST those who believe in this doctrine! betray a certain uneasiness, and manifestation of Spirit, WHEN ARE CALLING ATTENTION TO BELIEVE in one God, DOUBT AND THEY THINK is already in the mind long the truth of God. and here is put vai written, Thus saith the LORD, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, OF ISAAC, AND ISRAEL: Such people are not worthy to go up in the first rapture.

  because then the tribulation will be as great as has never been seen since the beginning of the world until now, nor ever shall be.

If those days were shortened, no creature escape, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

So if anyone says to you, Behold, here is the Christ! Or, Lo there!, Believe not.
Matthew 24:21-23

READ ACTS 19: 01-to 0 7). last published on 22/02/2013

prophecies, but recent.
It had been prophesied, On site, prophecies for 2017, Get ready, to be tested, When the man of lawlessness begins to act. Read second Thessalonians 2: 7 to effect the mystery of iniquity doth already work, and expects to be away only one who now holds it. LAST POPE BENEDICT XVI, WHICH, WANT, A SUBSTITUTE, THE MAN OF SERA INIQUITY! And be possessed.
the mystery of iniquity was always adoutrina Trinity, created in rome the pope, comes in the form of replacement of christ, Gee long.
you should also know the mystery of godliness, God SPIRIT, MAN SE faiths, TO SAVE, A SHALLOW, HUMAN.   last published on 03/ 03/ 2013.